Doga is a human / yoga practice that helps support the natural bond we have with our dog

NEWS: New outdoor Doga session commences April 24th 2021

We are SO EXCITED to offer our first outdoor DOGA followed with Gong Sound session in Clerkenwell. All you need is a Dog and a Yoga Mat.(non- dog owners welcome!) BOOK NOW
For further online and outdoor sessions visit the below calendar and see what sessions would be suited for You and Your Dog.
Find us in the Telegraph and the Metro this month and well as my new podcast “Conversations with my Dog” were you can get tips from the experts form the dog world.
Listen to Mahny Djahanguiri’s podcast : Conversation with my Dog

What is Doga?

Doga isn’t just about the physical. Doga is the sacred union between Dog and owner...

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Doga the Book

Involving your dog in yoga sessions can help you develop your yoga practice...

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About me

Mahny Djahanguiri was born in Switzerland to a British mother and Iranian father. Since the age of seven...

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Why do Yoga with your Dog?

  • Besides extending dog and human years...
  • It's FUN! (in Doga anything goes) Large and Small dogs are welcome
  • You and your dog get to socialise with fellow Yogis and Dogis
  • You'll get a great Yoga Stretch whilst your dog may or may not participate
  • You can let go of ownership and simply enjoy each others company and strengthen the natural bond
  • You no longer have to feel guilty joining a yoga class and leaving your dog at home
  • Both of you will benefit calming your central nervous which helps with sleep and digestion
  • Within 6 sessions your stress level will decrease as well as your loyal companions

Dog Yoga with Mahny Djahanguiri


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