( by Mahny Djahanguiri )
Surprisingly enough (...or maybe not …) my company Dogamahny TM has seen an influx (50 percent ) in ticket sales purchased between July and Dec 2017 .These figures will triple in the next coming months .

But what about our furry feline companions ?Here's how your cat can work out https://pawsomekitty.com/best-cat-exercise-wheel/

Our main customer /client are beginner yoga students & non-dog owners .
This goes to show that DOG YOGA or DOGA-yoga For You and Your Dog is no longer a niche and a " crazy concept" but a commercial mainstream yoga phenomena like BIKRAM was in 2010-2015 .
The answer is simple : DOGS make us feel special. DOGS don't judge unlike some yoga studios .

Market Research has proven that "Newcomers to yoga " find-doing yoga in a non-yogic environment less threatening then going to a yoga studio.

We have VOUGUA which runs above a Fish and Chip Shop in Dalston , BROGA which is part of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and BEER YOGA which is part of any local pub ....

Maybe choosing to go for your first yoga lesson that entails going to a " slick" yoga studio with some snotty receptionist awaiting your money with a half hearted Nama-stay - and — now-go , as you make your way upstairs yoga session with 27 stressed out yogis in a broom cupboard oozing more vitriol and competitiveness then Donald Trump on twitter .…Err.… ...Less ...compelling?

DOGA enables newcomers to chill , relax and aim for less .

Doga is simply.… More fun!

Dogs usually await us at reception with a warm hearted "woof " or lick without asking for credit card details or your e-mail address. If your lucky, you get the chance to see a quick demo of " cock the leg" as you inhabit and roll our your yoga .Dogs do a paw-some " Tripod Down-dog " which frankly puts Shiva Rea to shame .( if only Shiva Rea owned a pair of piddle friendly doggie yoga pants designed by Dogamahny TM)

Yes, ...doga gets messy. SO WHAT! Isn't that the aim of yoga to deal with our own shit ?

Especially in this day and age of "WAR OF THE HAND STANDS " curtesy of Instagram, I frankly cant watch another video of some dudess on a beach in South End performing yet another yoga pose calling it " bliss " whens its plain obvious that she's freezing her nuts off. Wear some clothes , woman !
Instagram promotes too many inversions and not enough layers.

The new YOGA practitioner doesn't want "yoga snobbery ".What they want is to SHARE.
They want to interact and be part of a community and go away with a sense of purpose of belonging .They want to feel like they have done some yoga , but not so much that they had to sweat and need a shower.
The new yoga client is frankly quite lazy and a bit bored of stretching.

Modern day yoga newbies don't want sweat .… They want to be liked and like others. Familiar ?Dogs help to break the ice .You might even get yourself a date.Dogs gets you a date and possible even a new dog !!!!
Watch out for next years DOGA ADOPTION DAY.
People share each others dogs , so non-dog owners can have a go at taking care and petting something sentient and living ....…AND you learn yoga from a certified yoga teacher who doesn't know how to do FUCKING handstand ... isn't that amazing ?
Because guess what , handstands don't make you happy... headstands do !
And because we are all crap at yoga ...you needn't worry about that your flexibility either.
You can now focus your mind on your breath , your calm and your dog .
Dogs want to participate because they sense our joy and ease not our distress and competitiveness.
They sense our vulnerability and need to be loved just like us ... and thats frankly YOGA. A two way stream.An Interaction not an addiction.
Lets aim for all yoga teachers and studios to become more welcoming and real like our dogs .Spend less time on Instagram and more time on the mat. Adopt , borrow or steal a dog and join doga.

Last DOGA SESSION with Mahny : 30 TH OCT. 630-8pm

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Dog yoga at studios like Doga Mahny is taking hold in London. Its great exercise for you and your dog and it helps relieve stress.

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