Private Paw to Paw Session

Mahny specialises in Yoga Therapy for Humans and Canine.

Her aim is to improve the owners breathing pattern and help support him in his /her home yoga practice. A regular Yoga practice can benefit both owner and dog. Learning to relax in ones environment can deepen the bond that naturally already exists between man and hound. Focusing on ones breathing draws awareness to one’s “instinctive behaviour”, such as transferring emotions and expectations onto the dog.

This “need” to control ones dog can oftentimes disrupt the NATURAL relationship we have with nature. Doga renews and replenishes the central nervous system and forms a organic and symbiotic bond using ancient yogic breathing techniques, human yoga postures, mantras, meditation and canine massage.

Mahny Says: There’s no quick fix in Yoga or Doga. It may take several sessions for your dog to relax fully. Pamper yourself and enjoy “Doggy Nirvana” alongside your pooch or hound with the help of Europe’s leading DOGA expert.

Private Sessions

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