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This Christmas we have a wonderful bundle offer for You and Your Pet  .

Doga strengthens the natural  bond between you and your new dog (Rescue and Puppies ). Your new dog will benefit greatly from a regular weekly Monday night session at our beautiful , spacious and quiet yoga studio in the heart of Notting Hill  .Please take advantage of our pre Christmas offer and use our voucher classes throughout the year at our various London venues. 

Pre Christmas Class Voucher Offer:

This Christmas …..Please think of fostering  or adopting a dog .  Rescue dogs are challenging but the bond that you create long term will be one made of gold.Visit if you are thinking about getting a new dog or a new puppy this Christmas. Buying puppies online from breeders encourages puppy farming especially from the breeders that sell overseas .

Dogamahny TM opposes puppy farming. Please read the below for your consideration should you think about buying a dog this Christmas. It is important that you are able to visit the birth mother of your new pup.

If you cannot have direct contact with the birth mother of the new pup then it’s most likely that the pup that the mother was subject to puppy farming.(The chances are that the pup is sickly and has a low immune system .)A little research goes a long way and you rather be safe then sorry. Contact Alldogs Matter or the Animal Mayew Centre if you’d like to adopt or foster a cat or a dog .

From all of us here at DogamahnyTM we wish you a merry Christmas and look forward welcoming you and your dog on the doga mat in January!


Mahny and Robbie




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