International Doga Day 2019



International Doga Day (IDD) falls on International Yoga Day Friday, June 21st and highlights the beginning of the barbaric torture of Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Founder Mahny Djahanguiri as officially announced International Doga Day as “a thing” and a call for action to meditate on the greatest living species of our time…our dogs.2019 had 9 countries¬†and US states participating with each country raising their own money on and offline by hosting a “dog yoga ” class.

Watch Costa Rica in action :

We ask the founder , ” What is international Doga Day?”

10000 US Dollars were raised through one Dog Yoga class in 9 different states and countries within 24 hours.Our goal is to raise the stakes and go higher next year with International Doga Day 2020.If you would like to participate and represent your country¬† and end the Asian dog meat trade please contact [email protected]

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