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National Dog Day London Museum

The UK is celebrating National Dog Day AUGUST 26TH and so is MUSEUM OF LONDON meaning you can bring your dogs to the Museum on that day!!!

Dogamahny TM and The Museum of London have joined forces offering kids-friendly dog yoga session throughout Monday.They’ll be lots of stands from which you can purchase gifts for your pets and the UK’s most famous pet photographer will be around taking pics. Evening Standards “Marcel-Le Corgi” will be on-site to take pictures with you and your family.

We are delighted to collaborate with such a historical venue and landmark in British history. It gives us great hope that London is truly becoming dog -friendly and we hope that our dogs will soon have access to restaurants, bars, Boots hotels and most important supermarkets.

To purchase your DOGA TICKET for the workshops CLICK HERE

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International Doga Day 2019



International Doga Day (IDD) falls on International Yoga Day Friday, June 21st and highlights the beginning of the barbaric torture of Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Founder Mahny Djahanguiri as officially announced International Doga Day as “a thing” and a call for action to meditate on the greatest living species of our time…our dogs.2019 had 9 countries and US states participating with each country raising their own money on and offline by hosting a “dog yoga ” class.

Watch Costa Rica in action :

We ask the founder , ” What is international Doga Day?”

10000 US Dollars were raised through one Dog Yoga class in 9 different states and countries within 24 hours.Our goal is to raise the stakes and go higher next year with International Doga Day 2020.If you would like to participate and represent your country  and end the Asian dog meat trade please contact [email protected]

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France does Doga

We are delighted to be featured on national News in France – Telematin with our own introduction to Doga “ french – style “ . Last year my dog and I were kindly asked to appear on France Has Got Talent but we sadly had to decline due to my armbone surgery.

We hope we can entice the french nation this year with a spot if Doga . We salut LA FRANCE because you are what is called a True Nation of Dog Lovers !!! Salut !

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My dog is a therapy dog -Pets As Therapy


I’m so excited about my dog Robbie getting assessed to become a Pets As Therapy Dog

Pets as Therapy says : We enhance health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of trusted volunteers with their behaviourally assessed animals. We provide a visiting service in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other venues all across the UK.

Even though my Maltese terrier (Robbie ) wouldn’t harm a fly and is famously known  on” Britains Got Talent as being the most laid -back dog in Britain” .See our 2017 audition

Yet,  we cannot know as owners wether our dogs are really suitable to become a  “Therapy Dog” .

(Note Please dont confuse emotional support dog with therapy dog .)

To become a Therapy Dog according to the PAT protocol  The dog must be calm natured dog when being petted by children or elderly . A therapy dog will be happy to be groomed by the assesment officer and be able to accept treats from strangers gently taking them from the hands .Not all dogs like to be touched or petted for too long . Robbie will have to undergo several tests through a PAT assessment officer . All his vaccination will need to be up to date (which includes flea and worming treatment .)
My goal is that Robbie will be able to enter schools and institutions and join me for therapeutic  Yoga with Dogs -Dogamahny TM.  Our aim will be to work with vulnerable children and those with learning difficulties .
We are so very excited about this and we will update you of the outcome !

Nama paw

Mahny and Robbie

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christmas puppy




This Christmas we have a wonderful bundle offer for You and Your Pet  .

Doga strengthens the natural  bond between you and your new dog (Rescue and Puppies ). Your new dog will benefit greatly from a regular weekly Monday night session at our beautiful , spacious and quiet yoga studio in the heart of Notting Hill  .Please take advantage of our pre Christmas offer and use our voucher classes throughout the year at our various London venues. 

Pre Christmas Class Voucher Offer:

This Christmas …..Please think of fostering  or adopting a dog .  Rescue dogs are challenging but the bond that you create long term will be one made of gold.Visit if you are thinking about getting a new dog or a new puppy this Christmas. Buying puppies online from breeders encourages puppy farming especially from the breeders that sell overseas .

Dogamahny TM opposes puppy farming. Please read the below for your consideration should you think about buying a dog this Christmas. It is important that you are able to visit the birth mother of your new pup.

If you cannot have direct contact with the birth mother of the new pup then it’s most likely that the pup that the mother was subject to puppy farming.(The chances are that the pup is sickly and has a low immune system .)A little research goes a long way and you rather be safe then sorry. Contact Alldogs Matter or the Animal Mayew Centre if you’d like to adopt or foster a cat or a dog .

From all of us here at DogamahnyTM we wish you a merry Christmas and look forward welcoming you and your dog on the doga mat in January!


Mahny and Robbie




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First Chinese “Dog Meat ” Rescue Dog joins Doga

I have tried nearly “everything ” in my capacity to create awareness about the Dog Meat Trade  In Asia, especially Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival in China.

I’m sure by now, my dear reader, you must have heard of the senseless animal torture on the 21 st June which is held in a Chinese province called Yulin.

The word “cruel” is an understatement. For one, all dogs and cats are “stolen goods”. Two, they are driven in trucks stacked with hundreds of cages over 35 hours across the country dehydrated, starved and infested. By the time they arrive at a Yulin slaughterhouse the dogs only hope is that death will release them quickly.

Since the Chinese believe that meat tastes better when the dog’s adrenal glands are pumping at the time of death, they’ll use way of methods that are beyond our western comprehension. The dogs are usually kicked or beaten to death or else stripped down to their flesh, stuck in boiling hot water. Burning them alive is another way of a method.

.Yulin festival alongside the Boknal dog soul festival (Korea) is one of the worst animal massacres in the world.


Hansum at the Yulin Slaughterhouse


Hansum was close to slaughter as he sat in his cage contemplating why humans could be so awful. He was counting the seconds to his death. A little relief, a piece of mind. He was missing his pack very much. See, Hansum like many of the Yulin dogs are street dogs and have been stolen by dog meat vendors from nearby provinces, towns, and cities.

Hansum sniffing a human in relaxation


Hansum was a street dog. He had a normal street dog kinda life. Survival had been hard, but never this hard. He had trouble breathing and his immune system was so low and close to -shut down he was picking up deadly viruses from the other tortured dogs.

But a man called  Marc Ching came along with a soft whisper. Hansum could barely hear him.The man’s hands were clearly trembling, Hansum could tell. “It’s ok buddy, we’ll get you out in no time .” said the man.

Why would anyone try and set him free … when everything is too late? So many of his peers have died in these cages and Hansum knew in his heart he would be next. Why should he be an exception to all the other dogs?

Hansum prayed that Marc would go away .… Just in case… Just in case … this man would fail him, like all the other men.But Marc stretched out a hand through the cage and stroked Hansum’s ears. It hurt so much to be stroked. He needed water so badly and that’s exactly what Marc gave him.

Marc opened the cage and carried Hansum in his arms until he was safe at the shelter nearby.

Hansum’s is one of the very few Yulin dogs who actually “made it “.Too many dogs after their rescue mission die. They’ve got no life in themselves. No will to survive. Their little bodies just give up. Marc and his people saw many dogs pass away in their arms and never will it get any easier … it cant … they are created by God.

Hansum flew over 6 months in of recovery to the USA. In the UK was a lady called Elizabeth Coe and she no longer could watch the torture of Yulin Dog Meat Festival, so she decided to get in touch with Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

She flew over and met her Hansum face to face in Los Angeles the home of Marc Ching’s shelter.

Hansum was in a terrible state but fit enough to fly into the UK where the real recovery would take place. A new home in the Cotswold awaited him. A doggie bed and a warm blanket, hugs and kisses and tons of love and care from mummy and daddy.

Fast-forward one year and I got in touch with the beautiful lady called Elizabeth. I knew I had to get in touch with the first UK citizen who rescued a Yulin Dog from China. I had a Chinese news channel covering my Dog Yoga class for the CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE DOG. At first, I taught, how ironic when it was me who would campaign outside the embassy each year rolling out my yoga mat and perform doga moves with my dog Robbie with my middle finger stuck up in warrior 3.

This time I had to grab the opportunity by the balls. I had to get the first Yulin dog to doga … so we could tell his story for the CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE DOG.

Hansum during doga

Hansum is our Mascot. And we will continue campaigning until this festival and the dog meat industry cease to exist.

Nama paw

Read more about the meat trade here:

dog meat trade


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