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Miami Hurricane IRMA -Is there hope for our Yogis and Dogis?

I feel very emotional reading about Hurricane Irma sweeping over Florida with life -threatening wind , storm surge and flooding up to 20 inches.
What exactly is 20 inches? Thats almost the hight of my dog standing on his hind legs begging for treats …

Even tough I never met Florida based. DOGA founder Suzy Teitelman in person (She is the think tank and visionary behind americas latest yoga trend ) I send out my warmest gratitude and heart felt prayers tonight.
Without you Suzy there would be no DOGA. This is why I’m writing this to you.

Suzy Teitelman Arab started the trend in 2001 in NY and its obvious to me from your pictures and videos that you adore your dogs and your dogs adore you .
Thats how Doga was created . through LOVE .
And isn’t LOVE what brings us home? Isn’t LOVE what makes us resilient to survive because we have LIFE?
Man holds onto many treasures but the most important treasure he holds onto is LIFE.

Tonight I’m praying for you … I hope you find strength to guide you and make you and your dogs and your family members safe.

Tonight Im praying for all the dogs and cats of Miami that will endure this devastating storm . Whoever survives may be the lucky one.
I hope that Miami has had enough preparation to have gathered together in unison and form enough shelters to survive . I hope they’ll be enough shelters for our beloved pets and ALL animals.

I can’t stop thinking that this reminds me of the great flood described in the bible. I wish Noah’s Arc would come along and rescue all sentient living beings .
Suzy , I hope you read this . Your a shinning light and an inspiration for us all .May God bless you and don’t forget … if you look after dogs you look after God. For Dog reverse means God .

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