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Join Doga and Why

Dear Dogis and Yogis,

So many comments have been made in regards to the new doga trailer of BGT. Viewers have wondered; is this a real thing? Can my dog join? We are happy that Doga is spreading like wildfire and the general public are now aware of DOGA .

To correct the word DOG and YOGA…dogs don’t actually do yoga… its not needed and it would be harmful it we were to twist our dog into a pretzel like shape.. Doga is HUMAN yoga for owners who would like to involve their dog into their practice.



Britains Got Talent

Robbie and I are delighted to appear in the 1st  episode of Britain Got Talent 2017. It’s an  amazing audition and we are  proud to be in the ITV trailer with all the judges including Simon Cowell trying out Doga with their dogs.



Of course we all know what happens with David Shoes at the end… watch the full episode on ITV sat 15th April 8 pm and Britain’s Got More Talent on ITV2 straight after …

Join us on Istagram @dogayogamahny_ Twitter @dogayogamahny   #BGT #doga #ROBBIE

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Meeting Simon Cowell

Meeting with Simon Cowell live on stage at the Palladium.
Meeting with Simon Cowell live on stage at the Palladium.

This was taken during my audition for BGT which will be shown April 15 th , 8 pm, on ITV. We cant wait. Simons Yorkshire Terriers took a “liking” to Robbie, who looked all chilled and relaxed aside the cheers and hoots from the audience. This was taken before the fatal incident on Davids shoes. Mind you, Robbie has been holding it in over 12 hours … fair enough.

Dog Yoga, Doga on BGT this Sat ITV

Watch Stephen do Doga with a human size dog and me discussing my book DOGA -YOGA FOR YOUR AND YOUR DOG .

Cant wait….

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Working with rescue dogs in Bali

Our mission in Dogamahny ™ method  is to aid with the  rehabilitation, fostering and adoption process in rescue dogs. 

Visit the Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre on Facebook 

New owners who have just adopted a dog can benefit from a weekly Doga class in which the  new dog can get the chance to socialise with his peers and different breeds in a calm , safe and relaxed environment. Of course this may be impossible in the first 6 months of rehabilitation as the dog may suffer  from severe trauma , separation anxiety or may have trouble getting attached  however the long term goal of Doga is to integrate the rescue dog into  larger size class.

Doga offers private paw to paw classes which are suited for  the rehoming process of a new dog. A Doga teacher will come to the owner’s house and conduct a private yoga session focusing on the new owner rather than the dog. The Dogamahny ™ Method  is based on the attachment theory which is often used in psychotherapy.

The primary aim is to “ignore” the new dog by focusing on meditation and breathing. Easier said then done and probably one of the hardest process a new owner has to undergo , however long term it helps to create a safer more trusting bond between the new dog and new owner. The act of ignoring  helps the new dog to find his place in the “pack” and to trust humans without being coaxed into the relationship through  treats , sound or voice control  but simply allowing the breathe to take care of the relationship. It’s important that the  new owner doesn’t  manipulate, or transfer their anxiety  onto a rescue dog as they are already anxious enough and weary of humans ( especially as it reinforces the dogs anxiety of attachment and separation. )

We can influence our new dogs nervous system by simply becoming calm. 

We choose not to touch our new dog during the session ..only if and when the dogs comes to us . 

Canine massage and gentle strokes may apply ….(See Above , Mahny with Bali rescue dog Ella, Bali 2016 )

Doga with rescue dogs can be a long term effort and there are no quick fixes. The work remains within the owner to dedicate himself to Doga over a period of six months. After this a group class is highly recommended


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Book signing event with Robbie

Book signing event with Robbie “paw de Graph” book launch Doga yoga for you and your dog ( Hamlyn )

Robbie and I gave a wonderful Doga demo to our readers who came with their Pooches to Kensington Waterstones and get their book signed for dog and owner .

It was raining cats and dogs … We had allot of wet dogs running around Waterstones . It was a funny sight.

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