Behind the Scene of BGT

It was an absolute delight to watch my audition last night on ITV …surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Robbie and I were such a hit especially with Robbie’s fatal accident. To be honest I was concerned how producers would edit my audition as quite a few things happened which weren’t shown …. all I can say is David Williams got what he deserved .

Since we all know that David likes humping Stephen from Britain’s Got More Talent what you guys don’t know is that David also tried in on with another judge  during my audition. The crowd was roaring and cheering and I couldn’t hear the music .

But David found karmic retribution in the form of little white fur ball Robbie.

See… the thing is Robbie doesn’t like to be upstaged… Hes a bit of a diva in is own right.

I must admit I was gobsmacked when I saw David advertise my new book  DOGA  , which indeed entails 155 pages of yoga sequences and postures which you can practice with your smaller size pooch. You can purchase my new book ,  DOGA  yoga for you and your dog (Hamlyn 2015) on Amazon and its also available on kindle . Once you seen how beneficial doga can be for you and your dog , why dont you pop round to my Camden classes on Sunday at The Pirate Castle. It’ll be a hoot.

On another note , Amanda was lovely . I don’t know why comedians of age 8 call her a dog , she is one of the loveliest , friendliest celebrities on this planet. He had a bit of a chat on stage and she in awe of Robbie and Doga.

Simon was of course very smart and sweet and gave me two kisses on the cheek.

More on that in another blog.

As for David , Robbie says “sorry “.

As for me …. I think we are even .


Watch the space…



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